The Chimica Due srl Quality Policy, appropriate to the purposes and the organizational context, constitutes the testimony of the Management’s commitment to meet the applicable requirements and to guarantee a service based on the maximum satisfaction of its Customers, and more generally, of all the stakeholders.

Chimica Due srl considers the following general priority objectives as values ​​of the organization:

Focus on the Customer and interested parties

Chimica Due srl is committed to understanding the needs and expectations of its customers and other interested parties, planning its activities to fully satisfy them. In the same way it operates in compliance with the requests and requirements imposed by the specific needs of the individual reference markets and by the laws / regulations that characterize the countries in which it operates.

Improvement of the quality of products and services provided

Chimica Due srl undertakes to offer its customers products and services of a higher quality than those offered by competitors, aiming at dynamic Product Lists that are increasingly adherent to the changing needs of the reference markets and optimizing the collaboration relationships with the external parties involved in the effective realization of the services offered.

The Organization dedicates resources in the progressive elimination of products that are particularly dangerous for human health or the environment in favor of less dangerous products, in compliance with the obligations imposed by the mandatory regulations and by the ethical and sustainable choices towards which the reference markets are becoming. progressively addressing.

Staff involvement and motivation

Chimica Due srl is aware that the involvement of staff, combined with the active participation of all collaborators, is a primary strategic element: to this end, the Organization promotes the development of internal professionalism and the careful selection of external collaborations in order to to equip themselves with competent and motivated human resources.

Continuous improvement of processes and achievement of objectives

Chimica Due srl identifies the different activities of its organization as processes to plan, control and constantly improve and better activate the resources for their realization. The preliminary assessment of the risks and opportunities associated with company processes, internal and external verification activities, and management review are the tools that the organization puts in place to constantly improve and achieve its goals

Our suppliers are an integral part of this system, whose concrete and lasting relationship must ensure reliable commercial relationships characterized by constant reciprocity of intent.

The Quality Policy is part of the System and is kept up to date, redefining it from time to time according to the homogeneity of the set objectives and the results obtained.

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