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[Who We Are]

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Chimica Due was born in 1985 from the idea of Dr. Carlo Vernocchi, former manager of Montedison, well known chemist expert in the field of dyes for his high specialization, experience and expertise, gained over the years spent abroad for Montedison (France, United States, Canada) and Italy for ACNA.

Known for its highly professional customer service and quality of service, the company was certified ISO 9001 in the 90s, and then consolidated its position in the market and decided to expand.

After having established some exclusive agreement with its suppliers for specific products management on the market, Chimica Due proceeded to locate organize its warehouses on the Italian territory to make its products more logistically accessible to customers, deepens its knowledge in the regulatory field to provide prompt assistance to its interlocutors and clear answers to the reference agencies (ECHA; Customs; ISS).

Having moved the offices from the first office in “Milano Due” to the new and larger office in the centre of Milan, the company is constantly adapting and updating to the REACH Regulation, to the CLP Regulation, and to the specifications of the textile and tanning sector, which are increasingly important on the market in view of a new, more aware vision of Chemistry, aimed at guaranteeing the safety of operators, the environment and end-users.

With the generational change in the management, in 2013, the company renews and expands its staff, to provide its customers with a service always ready, competent and efficient, through multilingual operators, specialized and dedicated to give the best for the company and its customers.

Satisfied with these goals, Chimica Due looks to the future with new development ideas, new products in the range, and new partnerships, believing in an ever new Chemistry that can be constantly renewed, and in a concept of enterprise also dedicated to continuous renewal and maximizing the service offered to the customer.


What Services We Offer

Quality products, many years of experience, technical and legal knowledge, great attention to customers: all our services at your disposal.

Quality Products

We could just say that our products are ”quality products”, but that would not be enough. The quality of a product cannot be univocal, but depends on the customer satisfaction, when the product includes all the characteristics required by him. For this reason, our company maintains a constant dialogue with our customers, to deepen their needs and requirements in continuous change, and works every day to refine the search for products that meet the perfection of what it requires.

Quality Service

Quality of service as a business card: needs analysis, in-depth analysis, search for quality, dialogue, clarity, speed, courtesy, professionalism. All at your service.


Our company believes in its customers. For this reason, it invests in them and for them, with planning in purchases and sales, obtaining supplies well in advance and storing the same until the time of the final orders. The basis of our method is the analytical study of customer needs, which allows us to create customized solutions based on the various types of product required and the specific needs presented, in order to be able to predict the needs of customers and anticipate them in time.

Strategic Support

We like to define ourselves as a “partner company” for those who choose us, as we work for the customer and with the customer, providing all possible support to anticipate the needs of our customers.

Technical-Regulatory Assistance

Our company pays particular attention to the timely adaptation to the new regulations of the European Union, which since the beginning of the 2000s have characterized the chemical market in an increasingly precise and detailed way, such as in particular REACH Regulation 1907/2006 and CLP 1272/2008, and the specifications of the sector.


“Our product? High-quality niche”

The world around us today is strongly multicolored, not only in nature, but also in the products of man.


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Years of Experience

[Since 1985]

Your Business Partner for Chemicals

Faced with the perfection that Color gives to life, you feel a feeling of enjoyment and fullness. For this reason the thought of us as “modern” should return, grateful, to the caves, when our ancestors immersed their hand in a first bath of red color and, not knowing yet neither write nor sign, but wanting to take possession of the world, they placed this hand on the wall of the cave, leaving an indelible trace: was it an oath, was it a message? Of course you can say that the first ink was Color and the first signature was a human hand.

il fondatore di Chimica Due – Carlo Vernocchi